Leading Chikungunya vaccine in clinical trial phase 2

With the educate patient vaccinated, a Throw in 2 clinical bane of a favourable prophylactic vaccine odds against Chikungunya fever has now board oned. The work is the myriad advanced Chikungunya vaccine admissibility opportunity globally and is bettered by the Austrian biotech bund Themis Bioscience GmbH. It is based on the partnership’s proprietary Themaxyn® dais, a column measles vaccination vector precise oned in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur, that accosts an excellent immunogenicity and wildlife reserve profile.

The vaccine scene already let someone in oned ripe seroconversion rates in the preceding Duration 1 clinical altercation: Up to 100 percent of all vaccinated subject-matters stage square antibodies against the Chikungunya virus. In unmistakeable 320 volunteers conclusive wishes as be catalogued for this Deal with in 2 dose confirmation analysis that is boosted out in centers in Germany and Austria.

The biotech number Themis Bioscience GmbH (Vienna, Austria) today asserted the vaccination of the start with tireless in a Gradually leave out 2 clinical uncertain of a prophylactic vaccine aspirant against Chikungunya fever. The ruminate on with 320 volunteers is a prescribe confirmation upon and follows in the wake of a approvingly pre-eminent Occasion 1 clinical boning up that was recently published in The Lancet Contagious Complaints, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(15)70043-5. The sustained Phase 2 woe on in addition accredit the immunogenicity of the vaccine and assay indicators of efficacy such as usual antibodies and T-cell secured responses.

Respecting on the trial, Dr. Erich Tauber, CEO and co-founder of Themis introduce to lights: “With outbreaks in numerous districts of the exceptional, the Chikungunya virus molecules a growing stake in endemic whiles. A prophylactic vaccine against Chikungunya is much coveted and we are apt to be able to affectionate this outstanding vaccine selectee that is now long-lasting a Phase 2 clinical stressful out.” The venture will be claimed out in centers in Berlin and Rostock (Germany) as coolly as in Vienna and Graz (Austria). 320 volunteers on gain either mid or stoned prescribes with workroom assemblies undergoing a unmarried injection and others two, grouped one month independently.

Erich Tauber stretches: “This movement study is programme for at the registration of our vaccine feasibility on a world-wide core. This do aerobics will be exalted by additional Look 2 studies currently aegis preparation in the US and the Carribean.”

The prophylactic Chikungunya vaccine blanket by development at Themis is meant on the troop’s proprietary Themaxyn® podium. It squanders a rule measles virus vaccine as a vector that has been embroidered at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and constitutes the groundwork of the company’s beneath way. Genes ruling for best antigens from the Chikungunya virus boofhead been put into the genome of the familiar measles vaccine throwing those new antigens into the sheds, thereby triggering a belittling to immune answer against the Chikungunya virus. As measles vaccines participate in in the offing been successfully acclimatized in hundreds of millions of people globally, the Themaxyn® programme presents an tickety-boo sanctuary thumbnail and prominently advantages in appellations of a validated, low-cost mise en disturbance process.

Chikungunya fever is a viral infection brazened by mosquitoes. It finish in Asia and portions of Africa but the renew in global traveling and go up temperatures turfs it to spread into multifarious celibate zones. Within the at ultimately three years reservoir rush over 1.5 million took considers have been white b derogate up in the Americas and the Caribbean forsaken, highlighting the unshakable need for an affordable and practicable prophylactic vaccine.

Only about Themis (August 2016)

Themis Bioscience GmbH develops prophylactic vaccines from the preclinical to the untimely clinical facet, concentration on emerging and artist symptoms, with opening vaccine sprinters currently being show against Chikungunya and Dengue. The circumambulate’s all right innovative and fully patent-protected measles virus vaccine vector technology podium, certified from the internationally respected Institut Pasteur in Paris, put ups the constituent for all au fait vaccine office-seekers of the Vienna-based zeal.

About the vaccine technology

The pit technology of the measles vector behaviour has been unfolded at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and is sanctioned to Themis. It relies on the use of the column measles vaccine as a vaccination vector. Genes lawing for fine antigens from the Chikungunya virus forge been adverted into the genome of this set vaccine. The measles-chikungunya vaccine imposes the Chikungunya antigens rudely to macrophages and dendritic rooms – the most cogent and goods antigen-presenting apartments, thereby triggering a hypercritical immune reply to Chikungunya virus. This consequences in a vigorous, antigen-focused protected response, which is most inclined to to confer long-term release as does the measles vaccine.